Canon EOS 2000D & 4000D

Canon Europe

With the help of London-based artists Hattie Newman and Josh Gibbs we launched two new Canon cameras across Europe. The Canon EOS 2000D and 4000D campaigns were based on telling two authentic and engaging stories, encouraging smartphone snappers to up their photographic game with the new entry level DSLR cameras.

Josh and his band Pin-Ups documented the recording of their first album, sharing the process with their social followers, whilst Hattie demonstrated how her DSLR produces effortlessly great photos, aiding her workflow and expanding her creative skillset.

Both accounts provided the base for distinct campaigns, featuring hero photography, web page content, digital content, social posts and documentary style films.

Team: Neil Whitehead, Tom Martin, Andrew Telling, Florin Ilie, Jo Allen, Dave Woodcock, Katy Richardson, Sam Ray, Pebbles Clements.

Completed at: Intro